Participation Growth Software

Create entirely new business models and get real ROI on consumer experiences.

Our Participation Commerce Engine is a blockchain-enabled platform that enables brands to create entirely new commercial and social value with their consumers.

Your consumers are demanding control of their data. They want real return for their contributions to your brand. Digital experiences built on social media platforms that exploit consumers will soon wither and die. Brand-deployed platforms that don’t offer equitable value sharing with consumers are doomed.

Our Blockchain-enabled Participation Commerce Engine is a GDPR compliant, consumer-first experience where you can create with your consumers in a truly equitable way. Consumers can control their personal data and the value you create with them is shared and distributed based on their individual contributions.

Why use IOVIA’s Participation Commerce Engine?

  • Offers a simple on-ramp for your brand to access the blockchain and explore cryptocurrency token applications in consumer experiences.

  • Enables you to tokenize an existing digital consumer experience to deepen fan engagement and expand value creation for your brand.

  • Ensures you and your consumers earn valuable IOVIA cryptocurrency tokens, built on Ethereum, as part of your work inside and outside the community.

We make working with blockchain and cryptocurrencies simple and valuable.


Our Community Experience Platform is used by global brands to create more innovative products, mobilize consumers and deliver bottom line value.

For over a decade, we’ve worked with brands to launch and manage online global communities of fans, consumers and other stakeholders. These communities become enduring assets and are critical in a world where brands need to be in-touch with consumers and agile in how they create, launch and market products and services.

Our Community Experience Platform delivers superior research results in far less time than traditional methods. It accelerates your rate of product and service innovation and creates an on-demand groups of fans you can tap for advocacy, content creation and to drive conversions in the digital space. The platform is GDPR upgradeable.

Why use IOVIA’s Community Experience Platform?

  • Access our participation toolkit, filled with activities and functionality designed to engage your community and drive the results you need.

  • Our strategic and creative teams help you create activities, campaigns and long term plans that nurture your community as it grows over time.

  • You can move fast with our strategic on-ramp and quick-launch capabilities, and benefit from an ongoing ability to test out ideas and concepts in real-time.

Start working faster, smarter and
directly with your fans.


Our Participant Activation solution radically changes the ROI you see on your social media spend by turning passive likes into measurable bottom line value.

Social media fans create insufficient value for brands. Likes, follows and shares are nice but they measure engagement, not the bottom line. Brands need better ROI for the money they spend on social media, not activity with no purpose or clear tie to value creation.

Our Participant Activation solution brings a new approach to social media. Whether you’re after research, brand advocacy, go-to-market support or ideation, we can help you move beyond the like and create new value on your existing – and entirely new – social platforms.

Why use IOVIA’s Participant Activation Solution?

  • Improve sales and conversions in both the digital and analog spaces.

  • Explore alternative social platforms that respect consumers’ rights to their data and privacy.

  • Access our participation toolkit to create new consumer-driven value across your organization.

Get more value from your
social media spend.


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