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We build people-powered sustainable brands.

Leverage the power of community to grow your brand.

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Our mission is to fundamentally transform the way that the world’s best brands scale through peoplepowered communities.

we’ll help you

Build sustainable brand communities with passionate fans

Discover compelling new products and services

Co-create new on-demand sales and marketing channels

We work with you to create the solid foundations for sustainable development based upon rewarding relationships for all of your community participants. 

Then we help you bring these communities to life. At speed and at scale.


Sustainable Brand Communities

Our communities will help you to drive sustainable development and growth. We’re experts in engaging people to deliver value across sales and marketing, research and innovation, and corporate social responsibility. From strategic planning to creative execution to technical implementation, we’ve got you covered.

Insights & Ideas

Co-creation & Innovation

brand fan activation

user gernated revenues

Define & Engage

We help you to understand the current landscape of sustainable development and participatory models across industries and how they can be applied to your business. Then we’ll partner with you to build out a participatory vision, strategy and roadmap that will leverage your existing technology, drive more value from your social media and grow your business.

research & landscape

Vision & readiness

strategy & roadmap

Mobilize & Scale

We help you to incubate and implement people-powered business models to augment your existing approach. These models help you to connect closely with participants and future-proof your business with new drivers of value and growth.

New Participatory Business Models

On-Demand Sales & Marketing

Innovation Incubation & Acceleration

Why choose IOVIA?

For over a decade we’ve worked with emerging and established brands to build participatory platforms with over 2 million people. These participation communities typically generate 25x ROI – or more. Nobody else knows how to unleash the power of people-powered participation like we do.

Deep expertise

We’re the world’s leader in people-powered sustainable brands. We’ve delivered successful participatory communities for over a decade.

Agile Approach

We take you on a participatory growth creation journey. Our entrepreneurial approach quickly takes your business from strategy to value creation

Total Commitment

Our passionate team of participation strategists and experts always go all-in with our clients. Every single time on every single project.

Our Technology Toolkit

Participation Platforms

We customize and implement technology platforms for participation. These will enable you to create new missions, generate new revenues, and share the risks and rewards with your collaborators. We ensure that these technologies are fully compatible with all major platforms and social channels.

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our team

Sustainable development is on our team’s DNA

We help you capitalise on people-powered sustainable development and ensure your brand is fit for the future.

participation commentary 

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