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Explore participation initiatives that improve profitability and ROI, and create positive social impact.

In our Participation Discovery Workshop we’ll explore how your brand can embed a broad suite of consumer participation experiences across the organization.

Brands are under more pressure than ever before. They’re looking to increase revenue now and ensure viabilityin the future. But many brands alienate consumers or leave them indifferent, a poor return on investment. Participation changes that.

Gather your organizational stakeholders for this 1-3 day workshop where we outline the possibilities of participation to create entirely new streams of revenue, new business models and new opportunities –while bringing your consumers closer than ever before.

Why use our Participation Discovery Workshop?

  • Identify participation opportunities across sales, marketing, innovation, human resources and beyond.

  • Understand how participation is recreating old business models and creating new ones.

  • Get actionable results in only 1-3 days.

Ready to explore participation?


Participation Mapping provides your brand with 3-5 clearly defined pilot projects with defined strategies and scopes, in just 4 weeks.

Brands die slow deaths from endless research and iterations, and spending with no clear return. They fade into irrelevance when they exploit the trust consumers give them, or fail to keep up with consumer desires. IOVIA has the antidote.

Our Participation Mapping process is designed to help brands move quickly to launch participation pilot projects that create new streams of revenue and better ROI inside entirely new business models. Revenue today. Relevance tomorrow.

Why use our Participation Mapping Process?

  • Explore, define and scope participation pilot projects.

  • Identify 3-5 projects, all with defined objectives, KPIs and recommendations for strategy, technology and execution.

  • Be ready to execute projects by the end of the 4-week mapping process.


Ready to explore participation?


Create a modern consumer-first brand by embedding participation methodologies and technologies right from the start.

A modern brand is one where the product development, marketing strategy and the brand’s social impact are all deeply informed by and aligned with consumer desires. Your brand is vulnerable to irrelevancy and extinction without these things.

Our Business Model Design process enables you to build a brand with participation at its very core. Traditional brands can refashion themselves for the modern age and a new brand can enter the market with a major competitive edge.

Why use our Participation Business Model Design?

  • Understand how participation is recreating old business models and creating new ones.

  • Identify relevant on and offline participation experiences to differentiate your brand.

  • Define your business model and craft your marketing approach with our expert team.

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