Explore participation business models. Design consumer communities. Turn passive social media fans into active creators of value.

Start exploring your participation options at any stage.

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Participation Mapping

Set up your mission

We help your brand or organization explore and map out relevant participation opportunities and provide 3-5 clearly defined participation concepts or community opportunities in just 3 weeks. Each concept comes with illustrations, helping to bring it to life for stakeholders across your company.

Launch targeted missions to drive new sales of your products and services, and support product launches. You can also co-create products, generate content and gather insights.

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Community Modeling

Track and measure mission activity

Through a half-day workshop and 3 weeks of IOVIA-led collaboration, we define how your brand can bring one or more participation or community ideas to life. You get clear next steps and a proposal on how to make each happen, including detailed pricing, timelines and an overview of the resources needed.

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Community Activation

Expand your sales and revenue

Our activation experts create a community experience that turns passive consumers and social media fans into engaged participants that drive measurable value for your brand or organization. You’ll finally be able to realize true ROI on your social media and community spend.

Take the next step

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