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We're a consumer participation company.

We partner with your brand and consumers to drive growth and create new ways of doing business.

Build your community now

Our vision is to fundamentally change the way the world’s most loved brands work with and value their consumers.

We call this Participation Commerce™.

we’ll help you

Turn consumers into passionate brand fans

Create products they can’t live without

Transform your brand into a movement

We work with you to conceive your consumer-driven growth strategy. It’s founded on ethical and rewarding relationships with your consumers that go way beyond the gig economy.

Then, we help you bring it to life. Fast.


Consumer Community Creation

Consumer communities drive commerce. We’re experts in building communities that engage your participants and deliver value across marketing & sales, research and innovation and corporate social responsibility. From strategic planning to creative execution to digital experience implementation, we’ve got you covered.

Vision + strategy

We’ll help you understand the landscape of consumer participation models across industries and how they can be applied to your business. Then we’ll partner with you to build out a consumer participation vision, strategy and roadmap that will leverage your existing technology, drive more value from your social media and grow your business.

research + landscape

Vision + readiness

strategy + roadmap

Business model design

We help you design, incubate and implement consumer-driven business models to supplement or replace your existing approach. These models help you connect closely with your consumers and future-proof your business with new drivers of value and growth.

new business model creation

business model incubation + launch

Why choose IOVIA?

For over a decade we’ve worked with the world’s biggest and most loved brands to create consumer participation experiences that deliver new value and growth.
No other company knows consumer communities like we do.

Deep expertise

We’re the world’s leading consumer participation experts. We’ve delivered consumer participation strategies and communities for over a decade.

Agile Approach

We take you on a consumer-driven growth creation journey. Our agile, entrepreneurial approach quickly takes your business from strategy to in-market value creation.

Total Commitment

Our passionate team of participation strategists and experts always goes all-in with our clients. Every single time on every single project.

What we’re working on

Our Participation Commerce™ Platform

 We’re incubating this new technology in partnership with our clients. The platform enables you to set up consumer missions, track and measure mission activity, generate new sales and revenue, and reward your participants for their work. It’s fully compatible with consumer community platforms and social channels.

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our team

Consumer-driven growth is in our team’s DNA

We’ll help you capitalize on your consumer participation opportunities and future-proof your business.

participation commentary 

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