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Is your sustainable brand ready to scale up?

Consumer-driven strategies are the key to your growth. We help you use digital communities, social media and micro-influencers to maximize your impact and revenue.
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Join our Winter 2022 Brand Accelerator Lab for Plant-based Food Brands

Our immersive six-week interactive lab gives you exclusive access to the consumer-driven growth experts at IOVIA, impactful guest speakers in the marketing and innovation spaces, and a cohort of plant-based food brands to collaborate with and learn from. The program is highly collaborative and creative – and built to catalyze growth that will drive a minimum of 3X ROI

We’re helping the next generation of sustainable brands grow.

If you have a challenger brand with some market traction but need strategic, creative or capital support to break through to the next level, we’re your ideal partner. We go all in to help you win

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We’ve helped some of the biggest brands in the world grow.

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We partner with you to create growth strategies across all the areas where consumers and brands meet in the digital space: in communities and across social media. Then we help you execute these strategies. At speed and at scale.

Sustainable Brand Growth

In the 2020s, brands can build their growth strategies on the growing desire from consumers for sustainable, ethical, environmentally-friendly brands. Our methodology creates a true partnership between your brand and the consumers you need to reach to win. The value stretches across your business, driving innovation, brand value and new revenue.

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Our Technology Toolkit

Technologies that drive growth

We customize and implement technologies to enable your growth strategy. These enable you to generate new revenues and innovations when partnering with your consumers, no matter where they are in the digital space. The technologies are fully compatible with all major platforms and social media channels.

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We help sustainable businesses grow

We help sustainable businesses grow

Hello from the heart of a scorching summer here in western Canada. In this issue of Radar, I wanted to share a bit about what we’re working on at IOVIA and what you can expect from us in the future. It’s all about sustainable businesses When we launched IOVIA in 2015,...

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